How long until this is realised?

UPDATE  – 2019, if Microsoft is to be believed (well, more or less)

Jean Yves

The other day I discovered Jean Yves Lemoigne’s art through this rather cool spread (pictured above) for Amusement magazine. His pixel (Pixxxel, even) dames have made the rounds on the blogosphere and you should check them out on

I wanted to point out something different.

His site is a very neat example of simple, intuitive interaction design well suited to its material.

It opens up with a picture filling nearly the whole screen – exactly right for a photographer’s site. Mouseover to the left (i’ve highlighted the area below) and you get…

Jean Yves 2


Jean Yves 3

The pictures move up or down with your mouse (easier to see for yourself than to explain). Click, and a tiny progress bar appears in the top right…

Jean Yves 4

…and then the next picture fades in.

Jean Yves 5

Really quite neat.