Englightened trial and error

November 22, 2008

“How quickly you get to the first crummy prototype, and show it to people, is directly proportional to the success of the product”
David Kelley

Iteration is the bedrock of successful creation and IDEO are one of its pioneers. Here is a short video of founder David Kelley explaining just how important it is.

Source: Stanford

In my own words:

  1. Don’t spend months working on a product without showing it to anyone
  2. You don’t find anything out until you show it to people
  3. It’s like writing: get a draft and then it’s just an iterative process of correcting
  4. If you show someone a prototype, people rarely tell you what’s right with it, but they sure as hell will tell you what’s wrong
  5. Write everything they tell you and fix it – you’ll soon have a pretty good product