More inspiration for interaction designers: Windosill, the Flash creation of Patrick Smith a.k.a. Vectorpark. The game’s sole goal is to find a simple cube in each level which opens the door to the next screen. The point and click puzzles get increasingly creative, making you discover by trial and error the rules and foibles of each little world so you can hold of the key to the next one. The sense of exploration and discovery is brilliant (and well worth $3)

Only have one minute (and 9 seconds) – this video review will show you the premise.

As for why this is worthy stimulation for interaction design, Offworld puts it best: 

…that exploration wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding were it not for Smith’s ability to somehow have teased out (with the aid, I can only conclude, of some dark, black magic) easily the greatest sense of physicality Flash (still, remember, an essentially 2D toolkit) has ever produced. Everything has such a well defined heft and tension, everything responds to your prodding with just the right amount of ‘squishiness’, that even its most surreal concoctions feel fantastically alive.

It’s amusing to think that there are “serious” user interfaces out there that manage to make it both less fun and harder to accomplish your task than Windosill.