Don’t discount the good old fashioned materials – sometimes they just need to be put together a little differently.

360 Paper Water Bottle 


First off Brandimage’s smart re-imagining of the one-use bottle. The entire thing is made from sheets of whatever sustainable sheet stock is available, molded and stuck together:

“The package utilizes sustainable sheet stock of bamboo, palm leaves, etc. that is pressed into 2 halves to encapsulate a micro-thin PLA film that provides liquid/O2 barrier. The pressed material provides the form, graphical substrate and/or embellishment surface and structural integrity. It is shipped inverted and “pops open” upon filling through a conventional fill-portal at the base. The barrier material also acts as the means to fuse the 2 halves together. The top is torn off to access the liquid. To reseal, the removed component peels apart to expose a sanitary plug-fit side, and the remaining part gets tethered to the finger loop to eliminate litter. It changes the total experience of drinking water; from the way the container looks, feels and functions to the way it ends its usage.”

This design also removes the need for separate container to hold a six-pack of these bottles together:

“The 360 Paper Water Bottle is a single-serve container, but the windfall of how it is made enables the self-bundling of multiple containments to negate the use of separate “6-pack” carriers. The use of an all-natural structural board with vertical ends drastically reduces the material used in palletizing and shipping, and enables self-merchandising.”

In other words, they are stamped out six at a time and can be folded over into a structurally sound unit. As show in the top right of the picture above, four of these can then be held together with another strip of paper stock to create an easily transportable pallet.


Go to Brandimage’s site for more, there’s a PDF download that will tell all. I hope someone picks this design up and commercialises it, as I’d love to try one of these out.


A physical letter can still hold a hell of a lot of emotional appeal, but it’s a pain to do physical mailouts. Enthusem allows you to send paper mailers as easily as e-mail, which is interesting because it lets you get that emotional impact of paper without the pain of handling it. Moonpig meets marketing, if you will. In their own words, Enthusem is:

“An online service that makes sending postal mail (yea, the printed kind) super simple and seamlessly integrated with online content.”

“The service lets users send direct mailers one-at-a-time (or to a list of recipients) from a Web browser or through a set of web services. In addition, Enthusem mailers can include online attachments. The attachments link the printed communication to online content much like an attachment to an email message.”

“The www.enthusem.com website lets end users send Enthusem mailers while a set of web services let 3rd party applications send direct mail without all the complexities associated with your typical Web-to-print solution. So, for example, using the web services, a developer could create an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that would allow Outlook users to send direct mail in addition to email. “

Just to highlight two of the smart touches.

Number 1: the letters come in a premium, translucent envelope – just to give the receiver that extra temptation to open it:


Number 2: it’s really easy to link it back to the online world. All the person has to do is enter the pickup code below…


…here, on the front page of the site, and the get taken to the attachment (which can essentially be anything on the web)




On a more light hearted note, this is just neat. Go make one at Instructables!

Video below:


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