Michael Dudok de Wit is a master animator and the creator of this short from 2000, which has deservedly won an Oscar, Bafta, Grand Prix at Annecy and a dozen other awards.

It’s called Father and Daughter, and really needs to be seen by any creator who wants an emotional reaction to their work.

It’s a wonderful and inspiring piece of work, not just because it is superb from a technical point of view (that alone should be an example to all interaction designers) but mostly because of the strong feelings it throws up – it’s hard not to be affected, and even drawn to tears.

Wikipedia has this to say about him:

Michael Dudok de Wit (born in 1953, Holland) is an animator, director and illustrator. In 1978, he graduated from the West Surrey College of Art with his first film The Interview. After working for a year in Barcelona, he settled in London where he directs and animates award-winning commercials for television and cinema. In 1992, he created the short film Tom Sweep, followed by The Monk and the Fish (1994), which was made in France with the studio Folimage. This film was nominated for an Oscar and has won numerous prizes including a César Award for Best Short Film and the Cartoon d’Or. Michael also writes and illustrates children’s picture books and teaches animation at art colleges in England and abroad.

His most well-known film Father and Daughter (2000) won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, the Grand Prix at Annecy, and dozens of other major awards. His most recent short film is “The Aroma of Tea” (2006), drawn entirely with tea.

All of his films since Tom Sweep feature Michael’s trademark brush stroke drawing and his use of ink and watercolour, very much inspired by Chinese and Japanese art.

Check out his other masterpieces below and some of his advertising work on the ACMEfilmworks site.

Tom Sweep (1992)

The Monk and the Fish (1994)

The Aroma of Tea (2006)


PS – get this book: Secrets of Oscar-winning Animation: Behind the Scenes of 13 Classic Short Animations

PSS – If you speak French, you can read an extract from the book about Father and Daughter on the publisher’s site and read an interview with the director.