February 4, 2009


Really nice quote within a quote by Ash Bhoopathy (Yakshaving).

“Dave introduced me to this money quote the other day by Yves Behar: “Advertising is the price you pay for being unoriginal”.

“The price in Microsoft’s case, $300 million. fail.”

On a different note, it’s interesting how long Apple’s campaign has been running (via PBMai):






I’m intrigued by Ash’s project, Bettr@ (currently in private beta), which aims to: “[help] anyone who is motivated to improve themselves get better at the things they are passionate about. This ranges from hobbies that people do in their spare time, to their career, and to classes that people take.”

Web app by web app we are slowly getting closer to computing which augments us, perhaps this can be another piece of the puzzle. I look forward to playing with it.


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